9 Polo Shirts That Prove This Style Can Still Be Rocked In 2019

Until this year, I had never worn a polo shirt. But now I own one, I’m never going back. Not only is the traditionally sporty design super comfortable, but it now comes in a knitted fabric to keep you cosy all season long. If you’re yet to take the sartorial plunge, here’s a few winter-friendly polo shirts to whet your appetite.

Polo shirts were all over the most recent Paris Fashion Week catwalks. Whether worn alone or under a shimmering dress, the casual style has quickly become a stand-out womenswear piece.

Its history, of course, has been largely tied to men’s fashion. Unsurprisingly the uniform of polo players, the button-down look is believed to have originated in India in the 1800s, reports CR Fashion Book. But it wasn’t until 1933 that tennis adopted the cotton design. Then, Lacoste and Fred Perry became synonymous with so-called polo shirts.

In the modern era, the shirt has traversed the worlds of hip-hop and preppy culture; all while remaining completely wearable. From vibrant long-sleeved versions to cropped and stripy options, there’s a fabric, silhouette, and colour for every taste. You never know, one of the following may well become your go-to piece during the cold spell.

1. A Sunny Hue
Long Sleeved Polo Shirt

Made from pure organic cotton, this breathable long-sleeved version will keep you warm yet sweat-free. Plus, it comes in four colours, ranging from this warm orange shade and a dark yellow to classic black and white. A

2. Stand-Out Stripes
Sies Marjan Knitted Polo Shirt

This tight-fitting knit features an appropriately autumnal striped pattern. It’s a little pricey, but built to last.

3. A Luxurious Fabric
Knitted Wool Rich Polo Shirt With Cashmere
Marks & Spencer

This isn’t just a polo shirt; this is an M&S polo shirt. In all seriousness, this is a super cosy knitted design thanks to its wool and cashmere blend.

4. A Floaty Style
A-Line Polo Shirt

For a floatier feel, try this pleated navy top on for size. Throw a jacket over the top and you’ll be set for any wintry occasion.

5. A Vintage Look
Gestuz Lisah Polo Shirt

Go retro with this knitted lilac style. It’ll work with trousers, skirts, you name it.

6. A Rugby Nod
Teal Rugby Polo Sweatshirt

Polo shirts and rugby go hand-in-hand. Why not embrace it fully with this super soft sweatshirt?

7. A Preppy Classic
Stripe Knitted Polo Shirt
Tommy Hilfiger

Stand out in stripes thanks to this bold Tommy Hilfiger knit. The 50 percent discount is far too tempting.

8. A Long-Lasting Choice
Long Sleeve Supima Cotton Polo Shirt
Land’s End

This simple polo shirt was created with sustainability in mind. Not only does its fabric feel great, but its anti-fading finish means it will look great year after year too. Oh, and it comes in a range of colours.

9. A Subtle Print
Polo Style Sweater

Sold in a striking red hue or pale blue option, this ribbed knit shirt will add a subtle sporty touch to this season’s wardrobe.

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