5 Biggest Sunglasses Trends of the Year

Some of these shapes, like the visor, may be familiar to you, but they’re revamped in new colorways. We’re also introducing the hexagon lens, which is a boss-lady style that’s on the rise. Ahead, jump to the design you already know you love, or read through the full lineup of must haves.

Retro Cat-Eye Lenses

You’ll find these in some wild colors, like cherry and lavender, and you can spice up the look by opting for lucite frames. The new cat-eye look isn’t superthin, but has more of a rounded bottom and juts out at the top edges to create a triangular shape.

Round and Transparent

Whether you’ve always been a fan of the oversize “bug eye” silhouette or you prefer smaller circles, these boho-esque shades come in both iterations. While the shape is a throwback to the ’60s and ’70s, the fresh colors of these see-through lenses feel modern.

Sunglasses With a Chain

Step up your accessory game and invest in a chain that speaks to your personality or your taste in metals. You can purchase a lot of these designs separately from your sunglasses and affix them to any pair you’ve got. We even like the chunkier styles that can make more of an impact than your lenses.

Hexagon Lenses

We’ve been seeing the hexagon lens take hold at all different widths. The unique shape is subtle, but it definitely makes for an eccentric look when you zoom in close. We like these sunglasses styled with a cool, oversize hoodie.

Visor Sport Sunglasses

While these sunglasses may be more striking than most, especially in bold colors, they’re more sleek and refined than an actual goggle or visor. Wear them with a neutral, relaxed outfit or even workwear to spark some excitement and turn heads.


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