The Mental Trick to Practice When Shopping

Whether the concept of “fashion math” is new to you or a simple refresher is in order, we’re ready to step up to the chalkboard. Both a way to get comfortable with higher price tags and a savvy way to look at out-of-the-box styling, it’s the idea of taking how much something costs and dividing it between all the ways you can wear it (a $1,000 item that can be worn or used in four ways actually costs $250 per fashion math tenets).

Vitally, it differs from the “price-per-wear” method of dressing, which focuses on how often you’ll wear something (a $1,000 item you’ll wear eight times a month actually costs $125).

For today’s lesson, we selected a trio of pieces from luxury label Fabiana Filippi that are perfect for styling multiple ways.

The piece: waxed linen blazer


Easily the closet staple that’s been named MVP more than any other, the blazer is supremely versatile. Unless you’re attending an event in the dead heat of summer and will be outside the entire time, it’s always smart to add a layer to your formal look. Since tailored blazers often read as overly boxy against a feminine dress, try an easy styling trick and belt it at the waist.

Its ability to be mixed in amongst nearly everything else in your closet makes it a smart buy. Wear black cigarette pants or swishy navy trousers for a day at the office, and for the weekend, layer it over a t-shirt or open button-down (or both together).


Fabiana Filippi Blazer

The piece: silk wrap dress

Darren McDonald

A silk wrap dress is endlessly flattering and has the chameleon-like ability to feel right for an office, wedding, or late-night dinner. Bell sleeves and a vivid print provide personality, and accessories allow you an opportunity to make it all your own. Adding your own belt—or two of them, linked together for a layered look—creates a bespoke vibe.

The wrap silhouette gives it life beyond the dress section of your closet too. Worn open and unbelted, it becomes a de facto duster. With a boho vibe in mind for spring and summer, we styled it over jeans and a romantic blouse.

The same styling hack works for the cooler months too: Replace jeans with tailored slacks and layer a thin cashmere turtleneck underneath.

Fabiana Filippi Dress

The piece: waxed linen trousers


With a roomy cut and an unexpected sheen from the fabric’s waxed finish, these pants can either be the star of an outfit or the springboard to a more directional look. Tuck in a blouse to take them to the office: A trendy top with wide cuffs and a zipper pull complement the bold silhouette. A classic button-down or silk tee builds the same outfit with a more subtle effect.

To go off-duty, pair with a flirty cropped blouse that feels more “beach” than “budget meeting.” Try a basic tee for a more casual weekend, and, when the weather permits, swap in a crewneck knit.

Fabiana Filippi Trousers


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