Winter fashion: Give your outfits an infinite sense of warmth

Tired of trying out ways to coil scarves around your neck to keep cozy in the harsh winter? The versatile infinity scarf — a large, closed loop of fabric — can be your best friend, this season. And it doesn’t take away from your outfit in any way; it only enhances the look, helping you make a fashion statement without compromising on comfort.

“For woven scarves, the mid-weight linen, cotton and chambray fabrics work very well. Go for ponte and jersey for knits, and flannel and lightweight wool for warmth. Don’t be afraid to play with colours. Personally, I love infinity scarves in warm colours,” says stylist Esha Amiin.

What’s more? Infinity scarves are readily available in high-street fashion brand stores as well as across flea markets in the city. Here are more reasons to add one to your winter wardrobe:

Effortlessly stylish: Just circle one around your neck and you’re good to go! The style works well with casuals and semi-formals alike so don’t shy away from wearing one to work for a classic vibe.

Adjust according to your comfort: If the scarf is too long, you can loop the infinity scarf as many times as you want.

Turn it into a hoodie: The best thing about this scarf is the way you can also hood it on your head without the scarf falling off from time to time.

Or, wrap around your shoulders: Giving your outfit an off-shoulder touch, you can wear the scarf as a shoulder-wrap, or on your back.

The more you play with it, the more you discover.

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